About the Foundation

Providing private funding and resources to strengthen the quality of the Loudoun County Public School System

About the Foundation

We Need Your Support

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Through your generosity, public schools in your community will have additional support in furthering the classroom experience, graduating students will get the assistance they need to continue their education, and our outstanding teachers will have the opportunity to obtain post graduate degrees and training. Learn more about how to support the Loudoun Education Foundation.

donate to the loudoun education foundation

Financial Info


Since the 1991-1992 school year, the Loudoun Education Foundation has given over 1.5 million dollars to support the teachers and students of Loudoun County Public Schools. The Loudoun Education Foundation raises funds to create exceptional learning opportunities for Loudoun’s Public School students. Channeling our community’s resources to students and teachers, Foundation projects excite our children’s curiosity and enhance the quality of the Loudoun County Public Schools.

Mission Statement

The Foundation’s mission is to invest community resources in educational projects that encourage the students, teachers and administrators of Loudoun County Public Schools to seek educational excellence and to celebrate those individuals that achieve such excellence.

The Foundation’s vision is to enhance the educational excellence of Loudoun County Public Schools through the private support of individuals and the local business community.

Role of the Foundation

The Loudoun Education Foundation focuses on making connections with individuals, organizations and local businesses interested in supporting educational programs within Loudoun County Public Schools and identying the programs that need funding.

The focus is on identifying and supporting programs that will enhance the educational experience our children receive during their time in our schools and investing in our teachers and administrators as they seek a higher level of educational excellence.

Recognition and rewards are a critical component of achieving excellence and as such one of the Foundation’s key roles is to celebrate those individuals when they achieve such success.