Backpack Coalition

Help feed hungry school children and their families

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Why Gifts Are Necessary

Last year, one in six Loudoun County school children qualified for free or reduced-price school breakfast and lunches. Today, the County's programs are funded to support about 40% of the families in need. Many students rely on school meals for breakfast and lunch. It is difficult during weekends and extended breaks for some families to provide adequate nutrition for each person.

How You Can Help

This school year the LCPS Backpack Coalition Program is filling the gap for 24 schools, serving 1,339 students and ensuring children have food for the weekend. Since the 2014 Spring Pilot program, the Backpack Coalition has increased its students by more than 1,000%! And, more than one-third of all students receiving food on weekends get their food from the Backpack Coalition Program. The total cost is $5 per student averaging $6,695 a week. How can you help? Please make a tax-free donation to LEF / LCPS Backpack Coalition Program!