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Friends of the Foundation

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Through your generosity, public schools in your community will have additional support in furthering the classroom experience, graduating students will get the assistance they need to continue their education, and our outstanding teachers will have the opportunity to obtain post graduate degrees and training. Learn more about how to support the Loudoun Education Foundation.

donate to the loudoun education foundation

About the Foundation

Friends of the Foundation

Thank you to the following philanthropic organizations that support the Foundation's mission to invest community resources in educational projects that encourage the students, teachers and administrators of Loudoun County Public Schools to seek educational excellence and to celebrate those individuals that achieve such excellence. We credit these groups for the success of Foundation programs and events that make a difference in the lives of LCPS students and teachers every day.

Claude Moore Charitable Foundation

The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation (CMCF) is an organization recognized for instigating programs and partnerships aimed at increasing academic competence and encouraging leadership abilities, with an emphasis on the underprivileged. Dr. Claude Moore established the Foundation in 1987 to enhance educational opportunities for young people in the Commonwealth of Virginia and elsewhere. CMCF specifically seeks to help the talented and underprivileged (culturally and economically) of our society to maximize their educational development through literacy and advanced academic pursuits. Learn more

Howard Hughes Medical Institue (HHMI) Janelia Research Campus

HHMI is a science philanthropy whose mission is to advance basic biomedical research and science education for the benefit of humanity. Janelia Research Campus is HHMI’s pioneering research center in Ashburn, Virginia, where scientists pursue fundamental neuroscience and imaging in a uniquely innovative, collaborative atmosphere. Learn more

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is a national scholarship organization located in Loudoun County with a mission to advance the education of exceptionally promising students with financial need. The Cooke Foundation provides the largest scholarships in the country for high-achieving students with financial need.

Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (MSAAC) of Loudoun County Public Schools

The Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (MSAAC) is tasked to:

  • Advise the local school system of the educational and cultural needs of the minority student.
  • Cultivate an equitable educational experience for all students that will positively impact achievement gaps.
  • Submit periodic reports and recommendations on how to improve the minority students' educational experience
  • Create a forum of safe and respectable communication between parents, teachers and administrators.
  • Help parents and educators collectively understand the importance of nurturing a climate of cultural sensitivity in an academic/social environment that is increasing in diversity each year.
  • Facilitate an environment where teachers and parents can recognize, honor and teach when differences exist.

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