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April 28, 2017

LEF Celebrates Excellence at the Outstanding Teacher Recognition Dinner

Annual awards banquet honors nominees for the Washington Post's Outstanding Teacher Award for Loudoun County and Principal of the Year

Teacher of the Year 2017 from LCPS-TV on Vimeo.

Kathleen Thompson is Loudoun County's nominee for The Washington Post Outstanding Teacher Award and LCPS Teacher of the Year. Thompson is an English and public speaking teacher at Stone Bridge High School. She began her career at Park View High School in 1986. Thompson is known for her compassion and designing group projects that require and foster true teamwork. She will be honored at the LEF Outstanding Teacher Recognition Dinner on April 28th along with Principal of the Year, John Gabriel of John Champe HS. 

Gabriel has served as John Champe’s principal since 2011 when he began a year of planning for the school’s opening. He previously served as an assistant principal at Park View High School; English Department chair at Falls Church High School; as an English teacher at North Stafford High School; and as an English teacher at Lodi, N.J., High School. Gabriel is noted for creating a successful school community in a rapidly growing area by maintaining a personal touch. Video: Principal of the Year 2017

Teacher of the Year Nominees


  • Jim Brady - Sanders Corner Elementary School, Grade 5

    Carolyn Briles - Riverside High School, Math

  • Tammi Brosan - Sycolin Creek Elementary School, Grade 2

    Gina Chaszar - Mercer Middle School, Spectrum

    Sara Christie - Creighton's Corner Elementary School, Grade 1

  • Denise Corbo - Horizon/Steuart Weller Elementary School, Search

  • Elizabeth Cox - Belmont Ridge Middle School, TRT

  • Marykirk Cunningham - Frederick Douglass Elementary School, Kindergarten

  • Karen Duvel - River Bend Middle School, Social Science

  • Michele Evans - Broad Run High School, English

  • Leah Gilbert - Liberty Elementary School, Grade 4

  • Trudie Goff - Meadowland Elementary School, Gifted

  • Keith Hample - Lunsford Middle School, English

  • Lisbet Jenkins - Catoctin Elementary School, Grade 5

  • Janette Johnson - Sterling Middle School, Physical Education

  • Eugene Legg - Rock Ridge High School, English

  • Shauna Olevson - Sanders Corner Elementary School, Music

    Kathleen Post - Loudoun County High School, Math

  • Tracy Rossi - Farmwell Station Middle School, Science

  • Erik Sassak - Farmwell Station Middle School, Social Science 7

  • Janie Stockton - Evergreen Mill Elementary School, Kindergarten

  • Kelly Taeschner - Cedar Lane Elementary School, Special Ed

  • Kathleen Thompson - Stone Bridge High School, English

  • Darielle Timothy - Sugarland Elementary School, Grade 3

    Laura Tucker - Trailside Middle School, Reading Teacher

  • Jeri-Ann Williams - Belmont Ridge Middle School, Spectrum

    Melinda Windsor - Guilford Elementary School, Music


Questions? Please contact LEF Executive Director Dawn Meyer.

April 2, 2017

Community Comes Together to Celebrate Outstanding LCPS Educators

Recognition for 2017 Outstanding Teacher Recognition Dinner Sponsors

LEF will host the Outstanding Teacher Recognition Dinner on Friday, April 28th at Belmont Country Club from 6:30-8:30PM. There are 27 Loudoun County Public School Outstanding Teacher Nominees for 2017.  The Teacher and Principal of the Year will also be honored at the dinner. Thank you to our amazing sponsors for their generosity:

Apple Federal Credit Union Education Foundation - $5,000
Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation - $5,000
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation - $2,500
Stantec - $2,500
Moseley Architects - $2,400
Claude Moore Charitable Foundation - $2,500
Integrus Holdings - $1,000
Reston Limousine -$500
Bernard & Daphne Mustafa - $500
Lynn and Gerry Rubin - $250


Questions? Please contact LEF Executive Director Dawn Meyer.

February 8, 2017

Help us Honor Loudoun County's Top Educators

Sponsors are needed for the 2017 Outstanding Teacher Recognition Dinner on April 28th at Belmont Country Club



Once a year we roll out the red carpet to recognize top teachers in Loudoun County Public Schools. Outstanding teachers make a great school, and great schools make an excellent school system. An excellent school system attracts top companies and qualified workers. The end result is a healthy, thriving business community. But, it all starts with outstanding teachers.

The Loudoun Education Foundation is offering corporate sponsorships for the Outstanding Teacher Recognition Dinner honoring the 2017 Washington Post Outstanding Teacher Nominees for Loudoun CountyYour tax-deductible donation will help fund an elegant celebration for each of the "Teacher of the Year" nominees and a guest, as well as some amazing gifts and grants for their classrooms. The dinner will be held at the Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, Virginia on Friday, April 28th at 6:30 p.m.

Download a Sponsor Information Packet

Questions? Please contact LEF Executive Director Dawn Meyer.

October 27, 2016

Nominate an LCPS Educator for Teacher of the Year

Completed Nomination Packets are Due December 19th, 2016

Nominations for The Washington Post Teacher of the Year Award are now open. The Loudoun County nominee for this award also will be honored as the county’s "Teacher of the Year."

To be nominated for this award a teacher must:

  •     •Be a certified, full-time teacher (including itinerant and resource) in grades pre-kindergarten through 12 in the public schools of Loudoun County.
  • •Have completed a minimum of five years teaching experience, three of which must be in Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS).
  • •Instill in students a desire to learn and achieve.
  • •Understand the individual needs of students, encourage their talents and foster their self-esteem.
  • •Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of subject matter and the ability to share it effectively with students.
  • •Foster cooperative relationships with their colleagues and the community.
  • •Demonstrate outstanding leadership.

The nomination form for Teacher of the Year may be found here.

Completed nomination packets must be received by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, December 19th, for a nominee to be considered. Please send or deliver completed packets to:

Teri Finn
Supervisor of Elementary Education
Loudoun County Public Schools
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, VA 20148

You may contact the Office of Elementary Education at 571-252-1290 with questions.

May 6, 2016

LEF Honors Top LCPS Educators at Annual Outstanding Teacher Recognition Dinner

John Tuck Named Teacher of the Year, Michael Pellegrino Awarded Principal of the Year

The Loudoun Education Foundation celebrated 19 LCPS educators named as Washington Post Outstanding Teacher Nominees from Loudoun County at the annual Outstanding Teacher Dinner and Awards Banquet on Friday, May 6th at the Belmont Country Club. In addition to dinner, a certificate, swag bag and raffle prizes, each teacher went home with a $250 grant for their classroom.

This important recognition event could not happen with out the generous support of the following sponsors:

  •     • Apple Federal Credit Union Education Foundation (AFCUEF) - $5,000
  •     • Claude Moore Charitable Foundation (CMCF) - $5,000
  •     • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation - $2,500
  •     • Belfort Furniture - $1,000
  •     • Integrus Holdings/Fortessa - $1,000
  •     • Middleburg Bank - $1,000
  •     • Orbital ATK - $500
  •     • Reston Limousine - $500
  •     • Bernard and Daphne Mustafa - $500

Teacher of the Year

John Tuck, a fifth grade math and science teacher at Rolling Ridge Elementary School was recognized as Loudoun County’s Teacher of the Year. In the nomination packet for this award, Rolling Ridge’s fifth grade team noted Tuck’s individual attention to every student.

Principal of the Year

Michael Pellegrino, the principal of Evergreen Mill Elementary, is Loudoun County’s Principal of the Year and Loudoun County’s nominee for The Washington Post Distinguished Educational Leader Award. The nominators praised Pellegrino for being a visible leader.

Outstanding Teacher Nominees

Congratulations to all 19 of the 2016 LCPS Outstanding Teacher award winners!

Amanda Brown - 5th Grade, Guilford ES
"The STEM lab she created at Guilford has served as a model for other schools and the district. Her innovative ideas make learning meaningful and engaging for all students." -- Odette D. Scovel, LCPS Instructional Supervisor, Science  

Jason Everett Bryant - English, Riverside HS
"One in a milllion.. one of the shining stars of public education." -- Douglas A. Anderson, Principal

Heather Day - 4th Grade, Cedar Lane ES
“Heather Day is indeed that shining star who is a stellar asset in guiding the path and brightening the journey of her students, fellow teachers and the quest for academic excellence.” – Jeanne Clements, 4th Grade Team Leader, Cedar Lane ES

Anthony Jay Dotson – 7th Grade Social Studies, Farmwell Station MS
“He has a talent for engaging students in compelling discussions, motivating them to be inquisitive and think outside the box." -- Rodney Farratr, Assistant Principal,  Farmwell Station MS

Lisa Hughes – Reading Specialist, Rock Ridge HS
“Mrs. Hughes has an inherent ability to reach students which does not utilize a prescribed program or process to accomplish this—it is quite simple—she loves students. Our students appreciate that she is real, human and has a passion for literacy.”  -- John Duellman, Principal of Rock Ridge HS

Erika Johnston - 1st Grade, Ball's Bluff ES
"Entrusting [your children] in the care of someone for eight hours of their days is a difficult task. However, when your child gets to spend a large portion of their day with Ms. Johnson, you know he or she is in the best caring hands possible." -- Julie Majkowski, parent

Amanda Kim – 7th Grade U.S. History II, J. Michael Lunsford MS
“Ms. Kim is one of Lunsford’s hidden gems and her value to, not only the general education, but to the special education population cannot be measured.” – Tracy Dumais, parent

JoAnn Kowalski - Reading Specialist, Liberty ES
“Not only does she want reading to be important to her students, she ensures all her students have access to books, especially those students in need.” – Jennifer Heidary, Pathways Facilitator-Department of Instruction for LCPS

Melissa Martini – 3rd Grade, Sanders Corner ES
“Students come to school each day to take part in an education process created by her that involves them using 21st century learning skills of creating, discovering and collaborating to solve real world problems.” –Michael J. Jacques, Sanders Corner ES Principal

Cheryl Mason - 2nd Grade, Lovettsville ES
"Ms. Mason is a lifelong learner herself, holding two Master's Degrees and constantly attending trainings and workshops to keep her educational skills at the forefront of research...Ms. Mason has a unique ability to meet each and every one of her students where they are and to tailor their education experience in a way that is stimulating to them." Susan M. Sears, MA.ED 

Amy Masters – Kindergarten, Liberty ES
“Her smile and her personality is a safe place for them to begin and end each day—the beginning of a world where they are understood and taught that they are appreciated and their differences are valued.” – Bonnie Burnheimer and Chelsea Diana, Kindergarten Teachers, Liberty ES

Toula Mitrakas – 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Seneca Ridge MS
“Ms. Mitrakas lives and breathes education. She is a practitioner of the motto ‘whatever it takes’ and refuses to move on until all of her students demonstrate a firm grasp on the concepts at hand.” –Mark L. McDermott, Seneca Ridge MS Principal

Chris Morris – 5th grade, Arcola ES
"Chris Morris is not your typical teacher... On any given day, you can find Mr. Morris speaking in different voices, telling personal and historical stories, and making kids laught. His classroom is such a friendly, welcoming kind of place." -- Marnie Dawson, Parent

Dr. Sherri Robinson – 4th Grade, Rosa Lee Carter ES
“Dr. Robinson is truly a special teacher. I often marvel at her ability to teach every child individually. It is as if she is a private tutor for each student." -- Jenny Harrop, LCPS Gifted Resource Teacher

Scott Russell – Art 1-5, Balls Bluff ES
“His lessons are about more than just art.  He integrates other content areas including history, reading, science, math and character, demonstrating just how important art is in all facets of life.” Jennifer A. Steeprow, Parent

Steven Arthur Sandy - Ashburn ES, Technology Resource Teacher
"Mr. Sandy gave up his office to create a space for students to learn by making... I appreciate Mr. Sandy's efforts to create new learning environments that challenge and encourage hands-on learners." -- Josh Ajima, parent 

Vandana Sharma – Stone Hill MS, 6th Grade Science
“Vandana has been a pioneer in creating a meaningful watershed learning experience for all Science 6 students as part of the LCPS ‘One to the World’ initiative…  On any given day you will see students in Vandana’s classroom utilizing technology and working collaboratively to investigate a topic and to solve problems.” – Karyn O’Neill, 6th Grade Dean, Stone Hill MS

Jane Stockton – Evergreen Mill ES, Kindergarten
“What Mrs. Stockton did for our son during the course of kindergarten was to build a lifelong learner, guide a child to persevere to a higher level of learning and build early leadership skills with his peers.” – Kirsten O’Hara, Parent

John Tuck – Rolling Ridge ES (5th Grade) *Teacher of the Year Winner
“His mindset toward teaching at Rolling Ridge is one of perseverance, despite barriers or language, high poverty or other extenuating circumstances facing our students. Instead of a “why” (victim mentality), Mr. Tuck exudes a “why not” (victorious) persona which transcends throughout his classroom as students dare to take on the world of learning and its challenges on a daily basis.” –Lottie M. Spurlock, Principal of Rolling Ridge ES.

For more information on how you can sponsor the 2017 Outstanding Teacher Recognition Dinner, contact LEF Executive Director Dawn Meyer at (571) 252-1102.

April 17, 2015

2015 Oustanding Teacher Recognition Dinner

6:30 p.m. at Belmont Country Club

The Loudoun Education Foundation hosted the annual Outstanding Teacher Recognition Dinner honoring the 2015 Washington Post Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Nominees from Loudoun County Public Schools on Friday, April 17 at Belmont Country Club. Congratulations to Guilford ES teacher Dawn Blevins on being named Teacher of the Year. Farmwell Station Middle School's Sherryl Loya received Principal of the Year.

Thank you to Apple Federal Credit Union Education Foundation for bservings as a Platinum Sponsor for the dinner.

2015 Teacher of the Year Nominees

Name School Grade/Subject

Tammy Agi

Liberty ES

Grade 2

Dawn Blevins

Guilford ES

Grade 3

Beth Carter

Seneca Ridge MS

Special Education-Math

Steven Charlish

Potowmack ES

Grade 3

Matthew Dunlap

Tuscarora HS

Guitar 9-12

Leanne Fisher

Liberty ES

Grade 4

Christine Hess

Arcola ES

Special Education

Joanne Luoma

Guilford ES

Grade 4

Jennifer Reeder

Mercer MS

Math 8

Mitchell Seipt

J. Michael Lundsford MS

Social Science

Angela Tessier

Sterling ES

Grade 2

Hart Wells

Potomac Falls HS

Guitar 9-12

William Wilkin

Stone Bridge HS

World History