Frequently Asked Questions

What areas can I support the Loudoun Education Foundation (LEF)?

We are always looking for community members and business partners who are interested in supporting the success and well-being of our students, teachers, and families. The LEF is governed by a Board of Trustees who meet bimonthly to grow and support the LEF. The Board has many committees that are open to both Trustees and community members: Communications, Events, Governance, Grants, Investment, Scholarship, and STEM. For more information about these committees and other volunteer opportunities, please contact Danielle Nadler at

Can LEF fund a need at my school or in my classroom?

Absolutely! We are always interested in hearing about unique, innovative, and inspiring projects that you have planned for your classroom. To ask for funding support for these programs, please visit our Teacher Classroom grant page. Grant applications are released via e-mail and on our website in August and January each year. If you have questions about the application process, please contact Linda Russ at

What is the difference between LEA and LEF?

The LEA stands for Loudoun Education Association. LEA is an advocacy organization for quality public schools and public school employees. This organization supports teachers with representation, advocacy, legal assistance, community relations, networking, and access to professional development and publications. To learn more: visit the LEA at To contact the LEA, you may call 703.858.7700 or email

Why should I donate to the LEF when the school system receives funding from other sources?

Your donation goes to support critical programs that are not funded by taxpayer dollars. The LEF provides Teacher Grants to teachers for innovative classroom projects that they create to help their students learn. We feed food-insecure students and families over the weekend through our Backpack Coalition program and create and support new learning initiatives that have the potential to become division-wide programs in the future, like our STEM afterschool programs, Propel and Level Up. When you support the LEF, you make an immediate and lasting impact in our schools and the Loudoun community. Your donation drives teacher innovation, inspires students, helps vulnerable families, and seeds new education programs. You contribute to the excellence of Loudoun County Public Schools and invest in our future leaders.