Areas of Support – COVID-19

LEF-LCPS Backpack Coalition – Feeding Food Insecure Families
Goal: $100,000
This program normally feeds food insecure students and families over the weekend. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are focused on doing what is needed. Over the past months, the LEF-LCPS Backpack Coalition has packed and distributed thousands of bags of food to help food-insecure families. LEF is coordinating with LCPS and other Loudoun food banks on how best to move forward packing and delivering food, as things get even more challenging for our families. Each bag costs $5.00 and provides up to 4 servings of breakfast and dinner for 2 days.

Connecting to Success: Providing Internet Access for All Students
Goal: $225,000
Not every student in LCPS has access to the internet and we want all students to be able to connect to academic success. LEF is raising funds to help LCPS purchase hotspot devices for students in elementary, middle, and high school.

LCPS Mental Health and Wellness: Support for Teachers and Students in LCPS Using Kognito
Goal $110,000
This is a very stressful time for our students, teachers and families in Loudoun. During stressful times, we see a rise in anxiety and depression. It is important that our teachers are trained in how to recognize signs of emotional distress in a child and provide next steps on how to help that child. The purchase of the Kognito software for students in K-12 will be instrumental in doing this. Kognito is an online training tool for educators that helps them learn about the warning signs of a student in psychological distress and what they can say and do to help that student. This online simulator allows educators to go through different scenarios of students experiencing psychological distress and shows them how they can help. Educators have a virtual coach to guide them and provide feedback on the interactive scenarios. They also have the ability to repeatedly watch the scenarios and at any time during the day. To learn more about Kognito click on this link.

School Learning/Supply Kits for Title I Students
Goal $100,000 – $25/kit
The LEF is raising funds to purchase kits that contain school supplies for K-8 students on free and reduced lunch; with an immediate focus on K-2. These kits will be mailed or delivered to our most vulnerable students and families. Teachers will create lesson plans that involve learning using the materials in the kits. These kits will be combined with reading materials, like books and magazines, to help our most economically challenged students continue to learn while at home.

So far, $75,000 has been raised thanks to the generosity of our community. Just $25,000 is needed to reach our goal of $100,000!

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