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As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Loudoun Education Foundation can accept gifts of cash, stock, facilities, equipment, and supplies. And rest assured, your donation will go to supporting programs and events that benefit the students and teachers and enhance the educational experience in the classroom. So please contribute what you can. Every dollar does make a difference.

Loudoun County has one of the finest public school systems in the United States. However, stressed state and county budgets – coupled with increasing enrollments and several new schools – means that tax dollars do not offer the extra opportunities that elevate a good education to an excellent one. Now more than ever, your contribution to the Loudoun Education Foundation provides students and teachers in Loudoun’s public schools with additional support for excellence in education beyond what tax dollars can achieve.

Your donation to LEF will have a dramatic impact on the students and teachers of Loudoun County Public Schools. In its first year of existence, the Loudoun Education Foundation raised just $400. Twenty years later, the Foundation has given over $1.5 million to support innovative education and learning programs that strengthen the quality of the public school system.

Planned Giving

Do you value what Loudoun County Public Schools have done for you, your children or the community? Would you like to support the Loudoun Education Foundation’s work to improve public education? Consider making a planned gift to the through your will. Planned Giving is especially important because your support and your legacy will live on through the success of future generations.

Charitable Bequests

A charitable bequest is simply a distribution from your estate to a charitable organization through your last will and testament. There are different kinds of bequests. For each, you must use very specific language to indicate the precise direction of your assets and to successfully carry out your final wishes. Below, we have listed some of the more common kinds of bequests, and some bequest language. We always recommend that you carefully review the terms of your will with a professional trained in handling trusts and estates.

Residual Bequest Language

Specific Bequest Language

Restricted Bequest Language

Contingent Bequest Language

Retirement Plan Beneficiary Language

Bequest Language To Establish A Named Endowment Fund

The material presented on this LEF website is not offered as legal or tax advice and we recommend that you consult with your attorney or tax advisor.

Donate To LEF-LCPS Backpack Coalition

The LEF-LCPS Backpack Coalition Program is to ensure no child goes hungry.

Although the Backpack Buddies program at area schools helps feed many hungry students over weekends and breaks, the County’s current programs are only funded to support 40% of families in need. LCPS and LEF are working with the LEF-LCPS Backpack Coalition to fill that gap, but donations from community businesses are essential to its success.

The LEF-LCPS Backpack Coalition helps to fill the gap between individual schools’ Backpack Buddies programs and county programs that currently support only 40% of families in need. The non-profit organization 100WomenStrong has committed to match each dollar donated to the Loudoun Education Foundation to support children not currently covered, up to $100,000.