Multicultural Grants

Multicultural Grant Program

The Multicultural Grant Program is to assist Loudoun County Public Schools in implementing programs supporting multicultural education, targeted primarily towards students, to help them better understand, embrace and celebrate diversity in Loudoun County.  In addition, programs may also involve parent, teacher, or community educational activities if they are associated with student programming.

 Grants Available

There is no minimum limit.

$500 is the maximum grant available for a single or multi-class project.

$1,500 is the maximum grant available for a school-wide project.

$2,500 is the maximum grant available for a cluster-wide project.

Award Criteria

Primary consideration will be given to the following applications:

  • Programs shall provide multicultural educational information, or shall undertake direct outreach and interchange between diverse ethnic and faith groups.
  • Programs shall be of appropriate complexity and structure for the target audience, be they elementary, middle, or high school students.
  • Programs shall focus on Loudoun County.
  • The programs shall seek to extend or expand existing activities, not simply repeat existing Loudoun County programming in current venues.
  • Programs may occur during school or after school, and principally be held in LCPS facilities.
  • Programs may involve LCPS teachers, administrators, parents, university faculty and other outside instructors, or community representatives as presenters
  • Budget must be suitable to project; the program can be accomplished for the requested funding amount.