Innovation in Education Grants


Educators make a difference every day in the lives of their students and often spend their own money to provide creative learning opportunities. The Loudoun Education Foundation partners with the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation to provide educators with monetary support for special projects that help students be successful in the classroom and beyond. Grants are awarded in the Fall and Spring each year. A committee of education and community leaders read through and select grant recipients.

Grants for individual classrooms or smaller projects can request up to $500. Larger projects that are multi-grade or multi-classroom can request up to $1,500.

  – The Spring Grant cycle opens Feb. 14; deadline to apply is April 1, 2022. Funds awarded in the spring must be used by May 2023.
  – Applicants are required to email a brief report that includes a photo, a description of the project, the number of students impacted, and a quote from the lead grantee that LEF can use on social media and/or in our newsletter. Please email the report and photo to within 30 days of the completion of the project.

Steps to apply:
  – Complete Spring application here.
  – Note at the bottom of the application, applicants must indicate that their supervisor or principal has read and approved their application.
  – Grant recipients are required to submit a summary report no later than 30 days following the completion of the project.

  – Any school-based staff members, including but not limited to teachers, librarians, specialists, and principals, may apply. Applications must be submitted by the person(s) who will implement the proposed project.
  – Application MUST include a detailed budget.
  – Technology requests must be approved by applicant’s Technology Supervisor. Any books funded by a grant must meet LCPS instructional resource selection policy. 

Primary consideration will be given to proposals that: involve and/or affect as many students as possible; benefit a diverse student group; are creative and innovative; supplement and/or enhance the standard curriculum and ordinary teaching methods; support a program or project with measurable results; and promote inter-classroom, interdisciplinary and/or joint teacher projects.

Proposals will NOT be considered if they: compensate LCPS personnel (includes professional development/substitutes); provide money for materials or supplies ordinarily included in the LCPS budget; are not in conformance with stipulated goals of a curriculum area or course of study; require ongoing maintenance; are used to purchase food or student incentive items; do not provide a detailed budget.


Contact LEF Special Programs Coordinator Julie Sproul at

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