Student Programs

The Loudoun Education Foundation invests in critical and innovative programs that foster the academic success and well-being of LCPS students. With the help of individual donors and business partners, LEF funds programs that stimulate students’ curiosity, create exceptional learning opportunities, and provide resources that help students reach their full potential. (Click each header for more information.)

Backpack Coalition
Backpack Coalition provides more than 800 meals each weekend for food-insecure students and their families.

PROPEL, at the elementary level, and Level Up, at the middle school level, invites students from populations under-represented in the STEM field to take part in this fun, challenging after-school program. It’s designed to give students the confidence and experience to take on rigorous coursework in high school and beyond.

K-12 Computer Science Pipeline
A $2.4 million GO Virginia grant created this program that exposes students students, as early as elementary school, to computational thinking and problem-solving. Computer science concepts are integrated into most subject areas for elementary students; in middle and high school, students have the option to take standalone computer science courses.

Community Schools
The Community Schools program provides extra support for Loudoun County’s six Title I schools in the Sterling Park area. Through a partnership with 100WomenStrong, the Community Schools initiative funds a full-time social worker position, after-school enrichment, health and social services.

Mental Health and Wellness
Through several programs, including Kognito and Community Schools, LEF and our partners fund training and staff support to provide mental health services to students.

With the support of individual and corporate donors, LEF administers several student scholarships, including the Willowcroft Science Endowment Scholarship, Willowcroft World Language Fluency Scholarship, and the Diversifying the Teaching Workforce Scholarship.